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33 piece standup pouch
30 mm long
6.4 mm in diameter

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Kombipack is the next chapter in Hybrid history:

After we found the perfect combination of pulp and activated carbon with the Hybrid Supreme Filter, the next mission was very clear: to find the perfect combination of filters and paper.

Allow us to present to you – the Hybrid Kombipack:

The unique combination of Hybrid Supreme filters and Endless Paper Rolls in a practical combination pack made of sturdy cardboard. Perfect for on the go, or even if you just like to keep things tidy at home: the combination pack fits everywhere, be it in your pocket or handbag and the tiresome search for filters and/or rolls is for the history books.

In the pack you will find 33 Hybrid Supreme filters in good old fashioned Hybrid-quality and 4 meters of a new Ultra Slim Endless Paper, the length of which is precisely tailored to the number of filters, so that even those who build a little longer will be pleased to the very end.

Hybrid Supreme Filters

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