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GLAS 1000



1000 piece standup pouch
30 mm long
6.4 mm in diameter

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GLAS 1000

GLAS 1000 Get your Hybrid Supreme Filters in a practical 1000 glass today and enjoy your blend without any activated carbon dust, but with all the more enjoyment! And at a fair price.

The perfect filter is not
made of activated carbon or cellulose.
It’s made of both.

The unique filter combination of Hybrid Supreme Filters removes an especially high proportion
of harmful toxins present in the smoke. What remains is a silky,
smooth smoking please and the full flavour of your blend.

Our filters combine all the advantages of traditional avtivated carbon filters with
cellulose filter elements to revolutionise smoking enjoyment!
With four different layers for outstandingly effective filtering you can enjoy
a refined smoking experience without inhaling any carbon dust.

Glass too big? Box too small? Then the bag fits you perfectly!
For all those who like to be in the middle and not just standing by
the practical 250 Hybrid Supreme Filters pouch is available now and as a little bonus we put our mobile ashtray into every 6th bag.
Enjoy your blend without any activated carbon dust, enjoy it the smoothest way! And at a fair price.

Hybrid Supreme Filters

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