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BIT – Fresh Mint


BIT – Fresh Mint


  • Nicotine: 20 mg/g
  • Weight: 13 g
  • Pieces in can: 20
  • Strength: X-strong
  • Nicotine pouches RabBit X-treme series

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BIT – Fresh Mint


  • Nicotine: 20 mg/g
  • Weight: 13 g
  • Pieces in can: 20
  • Strength: strong
  • Nicotine pouches BiT White Series

Based on a microcrystalline cellulose. Strength strong
We are a manufacturer of nicotine pouches based in the EU.
We use the most modern production technologies.
All components used for production are certified
and have passed strict quality control.

Snus is a smokeless oral tobacco product that is finely ground and sold in a pouch form. Consumers place the pouch under the top of the lip. When snus is processed, it can involve tobacco pasteurization. This is when nitrate-forming microbes are removed. The process leads to lower levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamine content in the product. Due to this process, some researchers—and tobacco companies—report that snus is a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Human health dangers:
Toxic if swallowed. Harmful in contact with skin. Harmful if inhaled. May cause an allergic skin reaction.
Environmental hazards:
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Physic-chemical hazards:

Precautions for safe handling
Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid contact with skin.
Wash your hands after use.
Use as intended.
Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities
Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in a properly labeled tightly sealed original container.
Avoid direct sunlight.
Do not store together with food and animal feed.

Conditions to avoid
Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources.

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